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OpenVPN for NetBSD

Before being able to connect to our VPN Service, you will need your retrieve your personal OpenVPN configuration profile, which will contain all necessary client settings and your personal identification in form of a user certificate. Please read this page for more information how to obtain this profile:

How to obtain OpenVPN profiles

The combined, single-file profile is what you need to download.

Using OpenVPN on NetBSD is very straightforward. There is a pkgsrc package for NetBSD. As usual, you can build it from source, download a pre-built binary package for the architecture of your computer (see this link for official pre-built binary packages) and install it:

# pkg_add openvpn*tgz

or install a pre-built binary package using a package manager, e.g. :

# pkgin in openvpn

We recommend starting the OpenVPN client from a command line when you need it, as it will need root privilege to modify the network routing table. Open up a seperate terminal window and keep OpenVPN in the foreground - that way you can shutdown the VPN easily.

% su
# openvpn --config Yourname-b-it-profile.ovpn --user root

At some point you are prompted for your password, then some more output appears. As soon as the routing change messages are shown:

route add 128/1 ...
route add 0/1 ...

you can use the network. When you interrupt the OpenVPN client with Ctrl-C, the virtual network is shut down again.