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News and Service Indications

Here you will find recent Information and Service Indications for our infrastructure. If you are interested to receive these informations via email, please subscribe to We are using this list to announce technical issues, maintenance windows and the results of these proceedings.

2023-10-16: Eduroam is out or order

As the Universities Computing Center conveyed (see there for news), the Eduroam access is out of order. Members and students of the Computer Science department and the B-IT can use our own wireless network "802.1X".

Update 2023-10-17: Update: Eduroam is operational again.

2023-08-07: Change of WiFi Certificate of C.S.dept. and B-IT

Today we did renew the certificate for our wifi infrastructure. At the same time we switched over to the new certification authority hosted by the DFN (GEANT, just like the HRZ did some days before, you may remember the mail about eduroam).

This means that all wifi configurations of your devices that are used to connect to the computer science dept. or the b-it (eduroam-cs and 802.1X) have to be reconfigured to check for the new certificate/and or CA.

You will find the current fingerprints and certificate downloads at the usual place.

The VPN service is *not* affected by these changes.

2023-07-14: Configuration change also for "eduroam-cs"

The configuration change/re-installation of Eduroam for members of Bonn University is also necessary for the Eduroam branch in our building (eduroam-cs). The updated configuration parameters are available on our Web page.

According to HRZ, a connection with the old parameters won't be possible after July 15th, 2023.

If you have an Informatics/B-IT account issued by us, you can (and should preferably) use the network _802.1X_ in our building. Here are the usage instructions.

2023-07-10: Student printer (feder) malfunctioning

Update: The parts have been changed.

The student printer in U1.040 (feder) is malfunctioning. We already identified the problem and replacement parts have been ordered. They shall arrive by 12th July 2023. Until then we ask for your patience.

2023-02-02: Wifi services unavailable

UPDATE (09:40h) : all wifi services are fully restored by now.

We are currently experiencing a total loss of WiFi authentication inside the whole building of the Computer Science Dept. and the B-IT due to a failure of a central component.

We are already working on a solution to the problem. Unfortunately we cannot predict how long these repairs will take. Due to the nature of the problem, it could be a longer process.

Other services are not affected by the disruption.

2023-01-30: New transponder forms

There are new versions (V9) of all transponder forms available (German only). If you have saved the forms locally, please replace them with the current versions. You can find those as usual on our homepage: Transponder

2022-09-19: Poster printouts unavailable at the moment

We are unable to print your posters at the moment due to defective hardware in our poster plotter. Please utilize the similar service from the University IT and Data Center.

Update (2022-10-05): the plotter has been repaired, we resumed top provide our plotting services.

2022-09-15: Availability of Pool PCs during nighttime

In order to reduce power consumption, the publicly accessible Pool PCs are automatically shut down over night, from 8 p.m. CEST to 8 a.m. CEST.
More information can be found on the Pool remote access page.

2022-07-19: WiFi Certificate about to expire, replacement imminent

UPDATE 2022-07-25: the certificate was successfully replaced.

As the current certificate used for our wifi authentication services is about to expire, we will be updating to a new certificate soon. Your operating system could be set up to notify you about this for security reasons. If this happens, you can safely accept the new certificate and make sure it is the right one by comparing the certificate fingerprints to the ones issued on our wifi documentation page.

2022-07-15: E-Mail service computer science & b-it unavailable

Update: The e-mail-service is restored.
The email addresses @informatik, @cs and @bit are affected. The problem is being worked on.

2022-04-05: Authentication Problems with Matrix Service

After the last Update of the matrix Service, some users may have experienced problems logging into out matrix service. This problem is now fixed. Existing sessions were not affected by this problem.

2022-03-03: new Chat-Function on GSG-Supportpages

As we are trying to further accomodate incoming support requests especially from students, we added a new chat function to this page to give you an opportunity to request aid directly from us without the need for a physical helpdesk. If this service is maintainable, we will try to implement it into other central services (like i.e. WUMI).

If you want to use the chat, just click on the blue bar on the bottom right part of the page footer.