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Terms of use for the VPN and WiFi Services at B-IT

Please note, this translation is for your convenience only. By accepting it, you legally accept the German version (Nutzervereinbarung für die Nutzung von VPN/WLAN am B-IT) of this document.

  1. Personal Network Access Services (PNAS@BIT)
    The Bonn-Aachen International Institute for Information Technology (B-IT) provides everyone affiliated with the Institute with a privileged and within the boundaries of the used Concepts secure Access to the IP-Network of the B-IT (NET@BIT) as well as the University-Network (BONNET) and the Internet.
    This Access via the Service called PNAS@BIT is initiated by a Computer using the Authentication, Authorisation- and Encryption mechanisms 802.1X and\or Virtual Private Network (VPN). Access is possible via WLan (802.1X and\or VPN), designated Connection-points in our internal Network (802.1X and\or VPN) and from the Internet (VPN).
  2. Ambit
    1. The Rules listed here are not dependant on the Equipment, nor the Procedure used by a User to connect to our Network using a PNAS@BIT-Account.
    2. For this Account all special as well as all basic terms of use for the Computer-Infrastructure at BIT apply.
    3. The provided Access to Networks run by third parties does, if you make use of it, imply your acceptance of all terms of use of this third-party Network. This does especially include the Terms of the traversing Networks BONNET (University Network run by HRZ) and WIN (german research network) and the Networks your connection aims at.
    4. Changes to the Terms of PNAS@BIT will be brought to the Users attention by Email.
  3. Provision
    1. The Service is available to all users that are legit for use of the BIT Computer-Infrastructure.
    2. In order to be able to use a PNAS@BIT-Account you need a valid Account in the BIT-Network.
    3. Requests for PNAS@BIT/Accounts are taken via a web/interface. Once your PNAS@BIT-Account has been activated it will be active until the aforementioned BIT-Network Account expires or is revoked. Independant of your BIT-Network Account we reserve the right to revoke your PNAS@BIT-Account any time.
    4. Systems Group BIT reserve the right to disable your PNAS@BIT-Account anytime if you violate the Terms of Use or simply to prevent harm on the Networks managed by it. If your Account gets disabled you will receive an email explaining the reasons in detail.
    5. The PNAS@BIT-Access does not depend on office hours of BIT and is, as far as possible, provided 24\7.
  4. Users Duties
    1. Users have to abide the Terms of this Agreement as well as the Terms of use. Users are also required to pay attention to any addition Information provided by the Administrator and act accordingly.
    2. The PNAS@BIT Account is for personal use only and must not be shared with others. If you suspect someone obtained your Account information you must inform the Administrator immediately.
    3. Connections may be established only from Computers/Devices and Software that fulfill the requirements stated in this Document.
    4. Users have to take all possible measures to prevent disruptions of Service. It is especially necessary to keep your OS updated (patches/fixes) and to take measures to prevent malicious software from spreading (ie Virus scanner).
  5. Terms of Use
    1. For as long as you use a PNAS@BIT connection your System will dynamically assigned an IP of the Network of BIT/University of Bonn. Therefor the Terms of use of the University Network (BONNET) apply.
    2. You must not provide access to or through the BONNET to third parties via your PNAS@BIT Account.
    3. You must not run Servers, nor Peer-to-Peer Services.
    4. You must not use our Services for commercial purposes. Each and every use of our Service has to be proportional to usefulness of the retrieved data for academic purposes.
    5. Usage of Devices and/or Software that could cause disruptions to our Service or other attached Services as well as Devices/Software whichs purpose is to scan for vulnerability in our Services is forbidden. If a User is found to be disrupting our Services or trying to do so that User's PNAS@BIT Account will be removed instantly.
    6. There are restrictions on which Services are available to you via a PNAS@BIT Connection. Which restrictions apply depends on the used PNAS@BIT Account and the Network the Connection originates from. It also depends on whether you use VPN or 802.1X to connect to our Service.
    7. For as long as you are connected to our Network we may apply restrictions on your System and/or test the current security-state of your System.
  6. Connection tracking
    1. To ensure stable and error-free operation the following data about your PNAS@BIT Connection will be temporary saved:
      1. Username of the PNAS@BIT Account.
      2. Type of Connection and Authentication method.
      3. available and assigned IP of your System and the involved Network Access Service (NAS) and under certain circumstances the MAC of your System and the involved NAS of NET@BIT.
      4. Time of connect/disconnect
      5. Amount of Data transferred
        This Data (a-e) will be deleted after a maximum of 6 weeks unless needed as proof for legal actions.
    2. We may create anonymous statistics of Network traffic for operational and academic purposes.
    3. To counter threats to our network and to ensure error-free operation Systems Group b-it may log network traffic and analyze it to the necessary extent. This data is deleted immediately after the initial reason for it being logged has been eliminated (threat/error).
  7. Liability
    1. The User is held responsibly for any damage he caused to our system by ignoring the Terms of Use no matter if he did it on purpose or by being careless. This is in dependant of any legal actions that may or may not be taken against the User.
    2. Use a PNAS@BIT Account at own risk.
    3. The BIT and the People in charge of the PNAS@BIT Services do not take liability for errors caused in Devices and Programs of any kind, loss of data or manipulation of data as well for incorrect Information.