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U1.108 - b-it

A central b-it Computerpool with 29 PCs.

At the moment you still need a b-it account to login to these systems. Please be advised that b-it students take precedence over c.s. students in this pool, as there is special software installed that is necessary for their studies.

Windows pool-a-00 Windows pool-a-01 Windows pool-a-02 Windows pool-a-03 Windows pool-a-04

Windows pool-a-05 Windows pool-a-06 Windows pool-a-07 Windows pool-a-08 Windows pool-a-09

Windows pool-a-10 Windows pool-a-11 Windows pool-a-12 Windows pool-a-13 Windows pool-a-14

Windows pool-a-15 Windows pool-a-16 Windows pool-a-17 Windows pool-a-18 Windows pool-a-19

Windows pool-a-20 Windows pool-a-21 Windows pool-a-22 Windows pool-a-23 Windows pool-a-24

Windows pool-a-25 Windows pool-a-26 Windows pool-a-27 Windows pool-a-28 nix nil