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User Guidelines for Data Processing

Please note, this translation is for your convenience only. By accepting it, you legally accept the German version (Benutzungsordnung für die Datenverarbeitungsanlagen) of this document.

By requesting a user ID, you have agreed to our terms of usage (german only, PDF-file). You will be informed about changes by email.

I General

(1) Scope of application

The data processing equipment at the Institute for Computer Science encompass the institute's central computers. These are Unix computers of diverse manufacturers and the PCs in the computer pools. Also the computers of the institute's various departments as well as devices for data-communication.

(2) Competences

The central computers and data-communication devices, as well as the computers of the departments I, II and IV are the responsibility a system group. The computers of other departments are the responsibility of their respective system groups.

(3) General Operating Rules

The modalities for using the data-processing sites are defined in the operating rules.

This especially governs access rights and limitations for data-processing resources, e.g disk space, computation power, communication bandwidth and limits as well as printers.

Access to the Unix computers is as a matter of principle permitted via modem as well.

(4) Fees

With the exception of cost sharing when using the printers, no fees are imposed. Only actual operation costs are imposed when printing. The procedure to deposit into the printing account is described in the printer operating guide.

II Authorization Regulations

(1) Authorized Users

Authorization to use the institute's data processing resources is granted to:

  • members and affiliates of the institute of computer science
  • members and affiliates of the University of Bonn with special contracts
  • other individuals based on the proper system group's judgement

Computer Science majors are entitled to receive a Unix account starting with the third semester.

(2) Authorization process

Permission to use the central Unix computers and to receive a Unix account is granted by the proper system group following a written request. The permission is usually valid for one academic year (starting in the winter term) and has to be renewed thereafter.

For an application, the following information has to be supplied:

Matriculation number, semester, given name and surname, home address, phone number.

On requesting a renewal, the Unix account name is to be supplied.

The application is only valid if signed by the applicant. The applicant agrees that their information is stored by signing the application form.

The systems group is to be informed immediately if any of these information change.

The user request is done in an automated process. The process is detailed in its own notice.

Usage of a department's computers is governed by the respective department.

PCs in the PC-Pool are only to be used to courses or by permission of the proper system group.

(3) Deregistration

If the basis for authorization is lost, e.g. after removal from the register of students, the system group is to be informed immediately. The user account will be removed then.

If an account is not renewed by the November the 15th, the account will be disabled and deleted at the end of the semester.

The user's personal information and any files on their account will be deleted as well.

(4) Exclusion

If a user violates the terms of use or severely disrupts the operation of the data processing devices, the system group or proper head of department can temporarily or permanently revoke that users access. The user has to be informed about the reasons in written form. They can ask the institute's director for mediation.

III Terms of use

(1) Users Responsibilities

The users have to:

  • obey the terms of use and proper user guidelines
  • inform themselves about these rules
  • handle devices, data media et cetera with care, also report problems, defects and errors to the proper system group immediately
  • obey copyright laws, especially not copying provided software without explicit permission (except for software provided via the central FTP archive)
  • prevent other parties from using their account, using safe passwords
  • not attempt accessing other users data, especially passwords, unless they explicitly allow this
  • grant the head of the institute (and authorized employees) access to their data
  • covering their print account and immediately balance out impositions
  • prevent disrupting the operation of devices and the work of other users
(2) Inspection measures

System group employees are permitted to gather, store and process data about the usage of resources, especially in relation to user accounts, in order to keep operations working properly.

Singular users' data, input and communication may be monitored by the system group in individual cases to ensure proper operation of services. This information will only be stored for as long as it is necessary to keep operation safe.

(1) Data privacy

Employees responsible for the operation of IT devices ensure that personal data is only accessible by authorized staff.

Storage, processing and transfer of personal data is done in compliance with the DSG NW (Datenschutzgesetz Nordrhein-Westfalen; Data Protection Act North Rhine=Westphalia)

By requesting an account, the user agrees that:

  • their application data can be stored and processed
  • billing data, which can be associated with their account, can be gathered
  • information about their general computer usage are publicly available, as far as it is automatically gathered and made accessible by the operating system (e.g Unix commands finger, who, last)
(2) Abuse

The user is hereby explicitly informed, that the illegal changing of information is liable to prosecution according to § 303 StGB, and that the system group staff is obligated to report criminal offences they have come to know.

In extreme cases, this also applies to disturbances of the operating schedule.

(3) Liability

Notwithstanding prosecution, the user is liable for damages caused to the institute’s IT infrastructure by negligence and damages caused by violation of laws and these regulations.

The institute is not liable for erroneous operation of technical equipment or applications, nor for erroneous computational results.

V Miscellaneous

(1) User information

Users will be informed about incidents regarding the IT by the system group, preferably via email.

Terms of use and user regulations are be provided via computer assisted information services (e.g. gopher)

Furthermore, important information if supplied via email (e.g. a warning if an account is about to expire).

The effective date of the user guidelines is the 20th of January 1994.

Engrossed on the ruling of the directorate of the institute of computer science.