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Microsoft Imagine Premium FAQ

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the DreamSpark Premium program of the institute of computer science. If your questions are not answered below, you can use the Helpdesk to send your question to the support group Neubau. Alternatively you can consult the EULA of Imagine Premium EULA.

If there are any differences between this FAQ and the official EULA, then the official licensing is always right.


Does DreamSpark Premium cost anything?

No. The software is completely free for use in research and teaching.

May registered participants burn the software onto CD?

Usually, yes. Germany has a derogation for the license, which is explained in the German DreamSpark Premium FAQ. Because of copyright law you may create a personal safety copy, i.e. one copy per product and person. This copy may not be lent. This copy may not be created by the University and neither may it be distributed by the same and has to follow all other licensing terms.

May an institution that is responsible for the infrastructure, e.g. Computer science, use DreamSpark Premium?

Yes. Have a look at the Imagine Premium EULA. for further information.

May the secretary of an institute use DreamSpark Premium?

No. This activity is neither in the field of research nor in teaching. There might be special cases for staff directly involved in administrating the subscription, but those are defined in the EULA and this case does not apply here.

May a researcher e.g. install Windows 8 on his computer at home?

Yes, if he will use this for researching purpose. It's the same with teachers.

May the software be installed on computers in a computer pool of the institute?

Yes. The following procedure is recommended: The computers in each pool will receive DreamSpark Premium licenses, on the servers the server products will be installed as full versions.

Are server products in DreamSpark Premium limited technically or only by the license?

Server products are both technically and legally limited in the number of supported clients (generally 10).

Can I get a DreamSpark Premium key to my legally acquired Microsoft product, such as Windows 8?

No. The DreamSpark Premium keys are only valid on software acquired through DreamSpark Premium. Both software and key, must come from DreamSpark Premium.

On how many computers can I install DreamSpark Premium software per key?

The software may only be installed on one computer per key.

How many keys can I get through DreamSpark Premium?

Each person can register up to three product keys per product. The 2nd and 3rd key can only be enabled by the administrator of the support group Neubau (SGN). You have to justifiy those extra keys to the admin.

May my hostel install software licensed by DreamSpark Premium?

No, as it is not associated with teaching or researching.

Can the software be used after the end of the study or employment?

If the software is used according to the restrictions of the licensing, students may use their software after the end of their study. See the EULA for the exact terms.

Can the software be used after the expiry of the subscription?

It can, if certain requirements are met. Please, check the EULA for further details.

Will personal data of users be send to Microsoft?

No. Only your email address will be send to Microsoft, as part of the registration.

Can I get alpha versions from the DreamSpark Premium program?

No, there are no alpha versions in the DreamSpark Premium program.