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Data privacy information for the Matrix protocol

This page is intended to inform you about the specific things that happen to your data while using the the matrix network.

The computer science dept. operates a server that is connected to other Matrix home servers on the Internet via the decentralized Matrix protocol. Only your local computer science access credentials are relevant for using this service, some of which are saved on the matrix server. Specifically, this is currently only your name when you log in for the first time.

From this point on, you have the option of independently linking further data to the account, e.g. Email addresses or phone numbers. This data collection is only done on your own initiative and is purely voluntary. We recommend that you do not save any unnecessary data in your Matrix account.

In addition, the data generated during the operation of the matrix network, in which you were involved, is linked to your user account and saved.

Your data and your self-generated content is stored locally on our server. The information remains there until the account is deleted. We do not pass your data on to third parties on our own unless otherwise required by law.

Messages within Matrix are usually (in any case when using Element) end-to-end encrypted. Each message / content can be deleted, and then also disappears from the communication partner, provided that these are also local.

Due to the decentralized nature of the matrix service (federation), you can participate in external rooms or contact external users. In concrete terms, external means that the rooms and users are not part of our local server. In this case, your data will be transmitted to external servers. This specifically includes your name, data voluntarily linked to your account (see above), and your IP address(es). Of course, we no longer have this data under control. If you do not agree to the transfer of your data to external servers, please do not use any external rooms or comparable external resources.

We believe that Federation is an essential part of the matrix Network, so we decided to explicitly allow the communication with external servers, hoping that you will understand that your personal data will only leave our server if you choose to connect to external rooms or contacts by your own personal choice to do so.

There are rooms that use widgets, bots or connectors to supply other communication networks with content. If you are in such rooms, your data also leaves the server and is no longer in our local area of ​​influence. We therefore recommend that you check the rooms you use accordingly and, if in doubt, not to use any external resources if you do not agree with this fact.

We promise to protect your data to the best of our knowledge, as long as you are acting purely local. But please don't forget that Matrix is ​​a communication protocol that is as open as many other parts of the Internet. The “right to delete” is well implemented within the matrix network, but only what you do not publish in the first place is safe.