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 ======Allocation of user accounts (central and Informatik III)====== ======Allocation of user accounts (central and Informatik III)======
-**Central Student Computer** administered by [[en:about|Shared IT Administration C.S./b-it]] (GSG) \\ 
-__Applicant__: Major or Minor subject computer science \\  
-with student number in major subject, minor subject, Magister and Promotion Minor subject computer science \\ 
-__Procedure__: Computer dialogue and following printout of application form \\ 
-Sign form and toss it into the box \\ 
-Major: Applicant, Minor: Applicant and tutor 
-Room: [[en:accounts:places|b-it-Foyer, Endenicher Allee 19a]] \\ 
-Notification: personally during sign up or via email \\ 
-**Type of Application: First application** \\  
-UNIX and Windows \\ 
-Date: anytime \\ 
-**Type of Application: Renewal**  \\ 
-UNIX and Windows \\ 
-Date: needed at start of each winter term \\ 
-Requirement: UNIX Password; if unknown: ID-card 
 +===== Central Student Computer Account ===== 
 +administered by [[en:about|Shared IT Administration C.S./b-it]] (GSG) \\
 +See [[en:accounts:students:manage|our documentation on Account Management]]
 ---- ----
-**Computer Science III Linux/Windows IT-Laboratory-Computer** \\ +===== Computer Science III Linux/Windows IT-Laboratory-Computer ===== 
-(__EDV-Arbeitsräume__  : 1.037, 1.054 and 1.055) \\+(Applicable Rooms: 1.037, 1.054 and 1.055) \\
 administered by [[|System Group Applied Computer Science]] \\ administered by [[|System Group Applied Computer Science]] \\