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Request an Account

You can request an account, if you are enrolled in computer science as a major or a minor subject. If you study computer science as a minor, you will need the signature of a lecturer.

The request must be formulated in person. Please go to the B-IT Entrance Hall, in Endenicher Allee 19A, where you will find a terminal during our work hours. Start the questionnaire by pressing the Enter key.

Follow the instructions on the screen and fill out any necessary information field in the process. If you study computer science as a major and get a message, that your student number is not valid, during the process, we can valid it, if you come to our Helpdesk showing a valid student card. Our matriculation number database is only updated at the begin of each term and therefore may not be up to date.

After you have filled out ther form correctly, a paper formular will be printed out in the same room. Sign the paper, to acknowledge our Terms of Usage. If you study computer science as a minor, you will need an additional signature of a lecturer of the computer science. After you have all the signatures, throw the paper into the request form postbox, located in the postal room.

Your request usually will be processed within two or three days. Afterwards, you will get a login name and also a chip card, that will grant you access to the computer pools. To get the card, you have pick it up yourself at the helpdesk.

Also notice, that we will delete any request for an account after 14 days, if we don't receive a correctly filled out and signed request form within this period.

If this is your first semester and you are confused about the rooms, the pools and this whole procedure, take a look at the webpage of the Fachschaft. They do an introduction to all of this every year for all first semester students. During this event you will also have the opportunity to receive the access card.