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Students Account for M.Sc. Informatics

Apply for a new account

If you want to apply for an account for M.Sc. Informatics, please consider following:

  • You must be enrolled in University of Bonn as a Student and study M.Sc. Informatics as major subject.

To request creation of your account, use our online account management.

You now have to authenticate using your Uni-ID and corresponding password, before that the other input fields are blocked.

Enter your data, read the usage agreement, und and select 'create account'.

You'll now receive an e-mail with a confirmation link, please select that.

Now your account is enabled, and you can create your password on the password reset page.

Extend your existing account

If you already have an existing CS account and it is about to expire, you must file a prolongation request at the GSG's online account management. Select renew here, then authenticate with the account name and corresponding password.

Also, the matriculation number is required.

  • You have to study M.Sc. Informatics in University of Bonn

After selecting 'sign in and then 'Renew Account' you can correct your personal data and then submit the request by selecting 'Request Account Renewal'''.

You'll now get a confirmation e-mail.


Where are the Account Terminals?​

There are no account terminals anymore. Please use our online account creation system.

"My Enrollment Number is not in the system"

Historic message when the system didn't believe you study Informatics etc. See next paragraph.

"According to our records you do not study Informatics etc."

This is usually the case when you were not yet enrolled while we got the list of the students. Please send us a verifiable enrollment certificate (PDF) via e-mail. You can create that yourself quickly on Studienservice. (Login there, click “Notifications” → “Studienbescheinigung (auch für BaFöG)”)

RWTH Students (B-IT Media Informatics students): please send us your RWTH enrollment certificate instead (download in RWTHonline → Documents; after enrollment at RWTH).

"When do I have to renew my account?"

The CS or b-it identifier must be extended by 30 November of each year. The extension period is the beginning of the winter semester until the 30th of November of the same year. Please renew your account within the regular extension periods!

"My Account has expired"

If it was not possible for you to renew your account in due time:

If you have a Uni-Bonn Uni-ID (most of you!), you can re-enable your account from the renewal page on startup. Follow the link forgotten or expired?. This is the fastest way!

All others (guest auditors and similar) please send us an e-mail with your eletronic enrollment certificate. This procedure also applies to students who forgot to extend their accounts at the beginning of the semester.

"I forgot my password"

Please use the password reset page.

"I forgot my account name"

Please use the password reset page (2nd option). If you still remember the password, you don't need to actually change the password after you've been reminded of the login name.

"My Uni-ID isn't registered with my account, so the password reset does not work"

Please send us an e-mail with your eletronic enrollment certificate from your Uni-ID e-mail. If all fits, we'll change your registered E-mail address to your Uni-ID.

"My Uni-ID is registered with my account, but the passwort reset didn't send me an e-mail"

Please read your Uni-ID-Email, delete unneeded messages and empty the Trash folder. We see regular delivery failure messages where mailboxes exceeded their storage quota.

"I lost my paper application"

For a renewal request, simply download a new one from the application server. For a new account, send us an electronic enrollment certificate as e-mail.

"The password is too easy"

To construct a password for a computer science / b-it identifier, the following criteria must be met:

  • The password must contain a minimal of 12 characters.
  • The password must contain at most 127 characters.
  • The first 8 characters must contain:
    1. Latin uppercase letters : A, B, C, … Z
    2. Latin lowercase letters : a, b, c, … z
    3. Arabic numbers : 0, 1, 2, … 9
    4. not alphanumeric characters : #?~:;,.{}()/_=%+-
  • The password must not be part of your login name or your correct name.
  • The character categories should appear mixed (not as in “1Hello2”).
  • Ingredients should not be found in a dictionary or dictionary.
  • Only characters from the above character category are allowed (1-4).

A little tip: think of a word and modify it: Example: Bleistift (engl. Pencil) → B1ejsT.ft (“k” becomes “1”, “i” becomes “j” and “.”)

"I mistyped my password and now my Account is locked, what can I do?"

If you fail to use the correct password for five times within five minutes, your account will be locked down for five minutes. After that waiting time your account will be reactivated automatically. So please be patient, wait for five minutes and then try again.

"What are the 'safety instructions'?"

In order to be permitted to use various rooms in the informatics center you need to pass a short quiz on fire safety. This can be found in our User Management System. under the point “safety instructions”.
You have to pass this quiz after creating your account and renew it once a year! Failure to do so will result in your account being automatically suspended.

"My new account was suspended after a few days"

If your new / renewed account becomes unusable after a few days, you most likely haven't completed the safety instructions quiz.
You can “renew” it on Startup. Use the link “forgotten/expired”. You'll need your uni-id, its password and your matriculation number.
Afterwards please go to our User Management System and choose “safety instructions”.